Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Last Tango In Southwark

Something which provided a welcome dose of nostalgia while on holiday was the re-runs of BBC2's This Life - watched by me after a night out on the lash in Tenerife in a luxury department

I can remember the last time I watched it, I was about 17 and watched it from my living room in Grimsby - a far cry from Costa Adeje!.

This Life appealed to me on so many levels - first and foremost is that it was the show which brought Andrew Lincoln and Daniella Nardini to screen for the first time.

How pleased am I that it's being re-run on BBC2 - means getting to sleep late, but it's worth it.

I mentioned it to one of my best friends, who normally loves Andrew Lincoln, but she can't bear to watch This Life because he's indulging in Indian Dipping.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Deutchland Uber Alles

I've shaken the sand out of my trainers, packed away the factor 4, and put the sunglasses back in their case. Let winter begin.

One of the things I love about Manchester in the winter is that the whole of Albert Square and St Ann's Square are turned into a veritable winter wonderland with stalls selling mulled wine and strong premium stregnth lager that they daren't sell while the football matches were screened in the Square.

So it's off for some mulled wine... and a sausage

Friday, November 10, 2006

Back From The Brink?

My desire to get more stamps in my passport than Judith Chalmers has taken me to Tenerife, and unceremoniously I am now back in Blighty.

My postcards state this is my last holiday this year…honest.

At 10am this morning I was sat on my balcony in the sun in a pair of shorts, so hot that I was drinking water in a pint glass with about a dozen ice cubes – my return was something of a rude awakening.

It was pitch dark when the plane landed back, which was before 5pm (was back home in time for a particularly interesting Deal or No Deal)

I called a taxi to come and pick us up, and damn it, I shouldn’t have called it so soon.

Why is it that walking through customs feels like walking through a dodgy backstreet after dark?

You just want to get through as quickly as possible without being stopped from the terminal building, which is just in sight.

Coming back from Turkey last year made me feel like I had seventeen kilos of heroin in my suitcase whereas my cold sweat was down to ten sleeves of Marlboro Lights.

On this occasion I walked straight through customs with my illicit duty-booty, J, however was not so lucky – having to query where his suitcase was when it didn’t appear on the carousel, a friendly customers officer confiscated his eight sleeves of cigarettes, although seen fit to leave him with his four litres of vodka.

After eventually getting out of the terminal building we had to walk through torrential rain to find the taxi in “short stay car park B, section C”.

Despite being saturated and cold I had my first cigarette since I entered the airport at Tenerife as the taxi chugged it’s way around the M60, which was at a standstill due to hoards of people deciding 5pm on a Friday night is a great time to go shopping at the Trafford Centre.

Naturally the atmosphere upon return was a bit fraught.

I had plans for the pub but they were soon abandoned as I turned the central heating on full blast and heard the rain outside.

So – not the best of welcomes back to the UK, it’s my birthday next week, a fact I almost forgot about until one of my best friends said she was working so wasn’t going to be able to make what I had planned.

Guess I’m gonna have to get my skates on and think of something, I’m only 27 until Wednesday.

Time for a drink.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Thursday means it's Bulgarian Night, so this week's word means fox.

And is Warren Brown, seen (not recently enough) on Hollyoaks and Shameless

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