Monday, February 19, 2007

Poor Michael Barrymore

It looks as though the Murdoch press have gotten their way at last, as I have read that entertainer Michael Barrymore is to leave the UK permanently for a new life in New Zealand with his boyfriend.

Never have I seen the country turn on a celebrity so viciously for announcing their sexuality.

My mother, who in the 80s would not miss an episode of Strike it Lucky, will now no longer watch him claiming he's a pervert and an abomination in the name of Christ.

The reason I find myself siding with Barrymore comes down to the way that facts have been distorted to make Barrymore look like Hitler.

Michael Barrymore is a gay man, and unfortunately he had to remain in the closet for a ridiculous amount of time, whilst at the same time, his freeloading wife was fully aware of his predicament whilst running up huge Visa bills at Harvey Nicks.

I would have thought that the raciest and most debauched showbiz parties would have been hosted by rock legends or heavy metal bands - not the man famous for My Kind of Music.

Something which has been blown out of proportion is the death of Stuart Lubbock, a closet homosexual who was a regular attendee at Michael Barrymore's parties, as well as less savoury events.

There are two main theories about the death of Stuart Lubbock - the first being that he was force-fed cocaine by Michael Barrymore, before being fucked to within an inch of his life, then drowned in a swimming pool cheered on by a crowd.

The other school of thought is that the "internal injuries" were administered after death, in a very Savillesque way by a hospital porter.

What angers me is the constant presence of Lubbock's father Terry who never misses an opportunity to hog the limelight, badmouth Barrymore, and convince the world that his son was a red blooded heterosexual.

The only person Terry Lubbock is trying to convince is himself.

Although it's a tragedy that his son died - Stuart Lubbock was gay.

To blame someone else for his shortcomings as a father is a bigger tragegy.


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