Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Transpennine Excess

Tried in vain to get a cheap hotel in Liverpool on Saturday - but with it being Paddy's Day in the spiritual home of all plastic Paddies, a cheap hotel was not found.

Decided just to go through for the day on the train, as it's not that far.

We were going through to see one of our friends who we met at the start of our language course.

Our language course, has came to an abrupt end - Anja, the woman who runs the business decided to let me and J get down to the University when there was no class on - after various phone calls and text messages, I've heard neither hide nor hair from her and can only presume that she's fucked us off.

So we've decided to do our next course in Liverpool though our friend's teacher.

This will mean going through to Liverpool once a month, but that's no hardship as it's a cool city.

Arrived at lunchtime, and headed for the pub straight away - ended up in the Lisbon, where they did 35ml measures and nice sandwiches.

Suitably lashed after a good laugh in the pub, managed to stagger back to Lime Street for the train home.

Pic is of Sean Lamont, Scottish rugby player who was sent off on Saturday. Nice boy.
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